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It is advisable to purchase a replacement if the cost of repairs approaches 30 percent of the value of your cooling system. South Texas Comfort Control can assist you in your decision to repair or replace your existing unit. With new more efficient units, you may find it more cost-effective to replace your old unit not only due to repair costs but also in long-term energy savings and home comfort.

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When the expenses for repairing your cooling system approach around 30 percent of its total value, it's prudent to consider a replacement. At South Texas Comfort Control, we're here to guide you through deciding whether to repair or upgrade your current unit. Embracing newer, more efficient models might be a financially sensible choice, not solely due to immediate repair costs but also the potential for long-term energy savings and enhanced home comfort.

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Are you seeking an upgraded home heating solution that balances comfort and energy savings? Consider opting for an efficient gas furnace from our selection, which boasts various models featuring multi-speed and variable functionalities. This approach optimizes indoor comfort by gradually adjusting blower settings instead of operating continuously at maximum speed. Reach out to South Texas Comfort Control now to discuss the possibilities. Our assortment includes numerous Energy Star units eligible for rebates, leading to even more significant cost reductions.

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If specific areas of your residence require distinct heating and cooling, an economical and adaptable solution lies in ductless mini-split air conditioners or heat pumps. These streamlined systems provide zoning flexibility, empowering you to enhance comfort in individual rooms and spaces within your household. Connect with South Texas Comfort Control today to delve into your residence's heating and cooling prerequisites. Allow us to assist you in determining whether a ductless mini-split system aligns with your home's needs.